Deep Autumn Clean

Summer has come and gone and now autumn is in the air as temperatures begin to drop, backpacks are put back to good use, beloved TV shows return, and pennant races have come to a close.  Everyone has heard of a Spring Cleaning, but are you familiar with her younger brother the Deep Autumn Clean?  For those that haven't, we've got you covered with 5 great tips for getting your home ready for the stretch run of 2014.

1. Getting rid of marks and gunk on walls and cabinets - you can use a magic eraser product to remove marks and scuffs from the walls.  Gunk removal is best handled with a dish soap filled dish scrubber.

2. Cleaning window tracks - dip a q-tip in white vinegar and run it along the track.  Will look like new.

3. Dust busting - start high to low in rooms bringing dust and debris to the ground and then vacuum the room last.

4. Water spots gone - rub a faucet with wax paper to prevent water spots or finger prints.  

5. Vents - wax your vents with car wax to prevent dust year round.

Or you can of course leave it to the experts as we'd be happy to help get your home ready for Fall.  Winter is coming, contact us to schedule today!

How to save yourself time when doing multiple loads of laundry

We've all been there.  You throw a set of sheets into the washer and 40 minutes later you throw them in a dryer.  Then you put a load of towels in the washer.  40 minute later the towels are done, but the dryer is still chugging away on those sheets and you're left twiddling your thumbs for another 40-60 minutes, because let's be honest, we all over stuff the dryer.  And then when your sheets are done, it will be another 70-90 minutes to dry the towels, and you still have a load of whites and colors to tackle.  


Our General Manager Vince Webb offers this helpful tip, harkening back to the days of yore. Those wet towels that are just chilling in the dryer, all moist and all?  Hang them up to dry outside while your sheets finish up in the dryer, then toss them in.  And by hang we mean drape them over a chair or railing, because no one has a clothesline anymore. This can save you 30-40 minutes in drying time. Or if you really want to be uber-efficient, follow this washing timeline as recommended by David, a professional cleaner with 20 years of experience

Wash in order: Whites -> Sheets -> Colors -> Towels

Dry in order: Whites -> Hang Sheets -> Colors (after whites are dry) ->Hang towels -> Sheets -> towels 


Cleaning water spots off bathroom glass

Hard water sucks.  It just does.  If you've ever stared at hundreds of water spots on your glass shower door, you know what I'm talking about.

You know what sucks more than spotty-mineral-water eyesores?  Cleaning them.  Before I knew better I once spent 45 minutes with a bottle of windex and a couple rags trying to clean my glass shower door.  No bueno.

Then I discovered Vinegar-based cleaners (you can even use a diluted mixture of water and household vinegar) and our favorite - Lime-away.  Spray it on, wait a few minutes and wipe it down.  Voila! Now you have clean glass and 40 minutes back in your day.  Win win.